About McDowell Nearing House Bed & Breakfast


The inn is named for the two families who lived here prior to its becoming a bed and breakfast. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nearing bought this 1947 neo-colonial house from its original owner and made renovations to a 2-story sun porch on the south side of the building, adding additional living space to the family room and a fourth upstairs bedroom. In 1960 the Nearings sold the house to my parents, Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher McDowell.


How often can an innkeeper say that the house wanted to be a bed and breakfast?  When the McDowell family moved into this house in 1960 it was on the edge of town practically out in the country.  It was a great place to grow up with my two younger brothers.  Fast-forward 45 years.  The senior McDowells continued to live here.  They  built an addition to the house with a first floor bedroom and  moved the laundry up from the basement, but it was now time to sell the house.


The responsibility of selling this 5-bedroom house on a 4-lane thoroughfare fell to me.  But  after a year on the market, no offers were made.  The house was showing her age, and young families were less interested in raising children on such a busy road.  As the realtor's contract was nearing its end  and I was getting more frantic, I drove by the For Sale sign on Tillotson Avenue and the thought popped into my head that the house was perfect for a bed and breakfast.  So I had my marching orders.


House circa 2005The old girl got a facelift.  After a year of paperwork and a year of remodeling she was ready for guests.  She now has modern wiring and plumbing (adding three more bathrooms and a new kitchen were the major projects) as well as new colors and furnishings.


In retrospect, the two year wait was good for the innkeeper-in-training also, because I had never stayed in a bed and breakfast before embarking on this new adventure.  We have been open since November, 2007.  As I explain to my guests, I'm still getting the hang of it.


Spring weekend trip Muncie Indiana McDowell Nearing House B&B                                                                                                                                                                          

Each guest room has American handmade furniture, a ceiling fan, cable TV with DVD/VCR and a four season electric fireplace.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom, two with whirlpool tubs, two with roomy showers. 


Guest common areas include a sunlit dining room with a 24-hour beverage station and guest refrigerator, a parlor with gas fireplace, and a library with an eclectic assortment of books, videos, and games.


If the need ever arises, the house is now equipped with a natural gas fired generator. Landscaping to the north includes a rain garden, making use of native plants to help decrease runoff from storm water onto adjacent properties.


Electric car charging at McDowell Nearing House B&B Muncie Indiana

The photo is of your innkeeper taking possession of her electric car.  The most recent addition to the B&B is an electric car charging station.  A NEMA 14-50 outlet is adjacent to the parking lot and a J1772 plug is available with advance notice for any of our electrified guests.